What happens during the consignment period?

  1. Items that can be listed for $15 or more will be accepted for consignment. Anything that would be considered lower, we return to you, or, may offer to purchase from you outright with a credit to your consignor account that we set up.
  2. Items are inventoried and priced accordingly, and the consignor receives an item list with prices.
  3. The items are moved to the floor to sell for 30 days, after which time they receive a 25% price mark down.
  4. After 60 days, the consignor can pick up any remaining unsold items. There is no pickup offered for items that have fallen under $15.
  5. To schedule a pickup, call the store about one week before your items's selling period expires, and let us know the date you will pick up your items. We don't call or notify our consignors when their period has ended.  This is your responsibility. 
  6. ELITE REPEAT is not responsible for any damages that may have occurred or been overlooked initially.

We pride ourselves on honest business ethics. The integrity of our business for the past 30 years has been dependent on a mutual respect and trust with our consignors.