Let's Get Unique Repeat

Elite Repeat encourages individual expression. We take consignment items based on quality and style. We are not slaves to labels though we definitely have our favorites. *cough* Eileen Fisher *cough*

Recently, we uploaded a Youtube video sharing our ideas for how to dress outside the box.  We offer traditional designer brand clothing and accessories, but also indie brands and local artisans. Choosing more unique items help you express yourself and stand out from the crow. Below, check out more examples of clothing that are anything but ordinary.

Neon Buddah Top Dzhavael Couture Dressanuschka Painted Leather Purse

Neon Buddah, Dzhavael, Anuschka

Alembika Metallic Relaxed Crop PantsAlembika 

Coclico and Bryn Walker

What brands do you think should be added to our list? 

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