"It always looks so cute in here"

Did you know that our store is reimagined every week? Our merchandiser, Maureen, styles every display area, shelf and mannequin to showcase new arrivals as well as current fashion trends. Look closely and see if you can figure out the theme she has chosen for the store each week! 

Maureen keeps an eye on fashion reports and current trends to incorporate them into the displays. "Fashion is always changing," she reminds us. 

Maureen is also responsible for holiday decor, seasonal changes and complete rearrangement of the store layout. She keeps the store shop-able by moving racks or curating a feature selection such as linen or cashmere items depending on the weather. She is also apparently in close communication with the chalkboard.

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing or jewelry that you liked but thought, "But  how would I wear it?" Maureen to the rescue! She uses the displays as an opportunity to inspire customers by accessorizing clothing, and pairing unconventional items or prints. Each mannequin and set up is an invitation to elevate your outfit. It is easier to step out of your comfort zone and try something new because it's all laid out for you! 

We would like to take a minute to salute this one woman army for keeping the boutique fresh and fun to visit!

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